Enigma2000 ID: DP01

Status: Active

Voice: None

Emission mode: USB, FSK + QPSK 2 x 62.5 bd

Location: Russia

Known Counterpart Stations: E07, G07, S07, V07, M12, XP, XPA2, XPH


DP01 is part of the E07 family that includes E07, G07, S07, M12, XP, XPA2, XPH and, of course, DP01.

Each transmission begins with an intro with alternating 1600 and 2100 Hz tones, which lasts two minutes.

The station was first heard in the April of 2008 and has regularly been reported – most prominently in April 2012, with 6 hours a day.

There are no known schedules for DP01, but there seem to have been predictable frequency patterns in mid October to mid November 2014 that were done along with XPA2.

DP01 was also heard doing training transmissions on 10250kHz.

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