2015.10.24 – Russian Military Shortwave Networks overview (21:30UTC)


  • The Buzzer: Active (channel marker) at 4625kHz, strange interferance with beeping noises.
  • The Pip: A lot of chaotic talking going on on 3756kHz, Pip can sometimes be heard in the background between the sentences.
  • The Squeaky Wheel: Active (chanel marker) at 3828kHz
  • Faznan-37: Active (chanel marker) at 5292kHz
  • Patron-79: Inactive on 4790kHz
  • Arbat-50: Inactive on 5426kHz
  • Katok-65: Active (chanel marker) at 6930kHz
  • Plovets-41: Inactive? Noise, sounds suspiciously like jamming at 4325kHz

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