Military Base – Kos

Military Base in Kos, Greece. GoogleEarth
Military Base in Kos, Greece. GoogleEarth
Underground facility. GoogleEarth.
Underground facility. GoogleEarth.


This is a military facility in a very militarised part of the island Kos. In 2013, LeakLake managed to get a glimpse of the military installation, seen below.

005_Kos Military Base Photo1

In the photo above, the possible entrance to an underground installation and a shaft – maybe for ventilation, maybe used while building the underground installation, can be seen.


006_Kos Military Base Photo2

Above is the base from a different perspective.


007_Kos military Base Photo3

This is the best photo available until now.


Please do note: The “entrance to the underground facility” marked in the top two photos looks like it might just be a normal building in the lowest photo, and the main entrance is marked in the bottom photo.

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