Number Stations / Radio

Number stations are shortwave transmissions (in the kHz, Kiloherz, region) from foreign intelligence agencies to spies in the field of foreign countries. Appearing at just about any time of day or night on the shortwave bands, number stations have been calling out with their automated voices since at least the first World War. Since the fact of operating a number station is technically a state secret, there have been very few confirmations from government organizations – those that have were the Czech Office for Foreign Relations and Information, Polish Institute of National Remembrance and the Swedish Security Service SÄPO. Usage of number stations has additionally been confirmed by former Cold War spies.

Text base above: Priyom



Currently active number stations (by language)


  • E06 (Russia)
  • E06a (Russia)
  • E06b (Russia)
  • E07 (Russia)
  • E07a (Russia)
  • E11 (Poland)
  • E11a (Poland)
  • E17z (Ukraine)
  • E25 (Egypt)
  • E25a (Egypt)



  • G06 (Russia)



  • S06 (Russia)
  • S06b (Russia)
  • S06c (Russia)
  • S06e (Russia)
  • S06s (Ukraine)
  • S11a (Poland)
  • S25 (Russia)



  • V02a (Cuba)
  • V07 (Russia)
  • V13 (Taiwan)
  • V24 (South Korea)
  • V26 (China)
  • V30 (Vietnam)



  • M01 (Russia)
  • M01a (Russia)
  • M01b (Russia)
  • M01c (Russia)
  • M03 (Poland)
  • M08a (Cuba)
  • M12 (Russia)
  • M12a (Russia)
  • M14 (Russia)
  • M14a (Russia)
  • M23 (France)
  • M24 (Russia)
  • M24a (Russia)
  • M51 (France)
  • M97 (Vietnam)



  • DP01 (Russia)
  • FSK 200/500 (Russia)
  • FSK 200/1000 (Russia)
  • HM01 (Cuba)
  • Pol FSK (Poland)
  • XPA (Russia)
  • XPA2 (Russia)

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