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26.03.2015 – Topics of the day

  • Germanwings crash: Based on newest information, the pilot left the cockpit and the co-pilot commited suicide by crashing the plane.
  • Saudi Arabia / Yemen: Saudi Arabia has started to launch attacks against the rebels that are controlling more and more of Yemen. Due to the conflict, the gold price has reached over 1,200 USD.
  • ISIL: New US airstrikes on ISIL now in Tikrit; reports say that “cyber caliphate” has hacked over 600 Russian websites in 2014
  • Ukraine: Change in the political strucutre due to the new government

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Germanwings crash: Video

The Germanwings flight 4U9525, an Airbus A320, that was supposed to fly from Barcelona to Düsseldorf, crashed in the French Alps on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the investigation crew has reached the landing site and confirmed that all the people on bord the aircraft are dead. Meanwhile, the search for the cause of the crash and the collection of bodies has begun. Recently, the investigators found a usable audio track on the flight data recorder.